Study Rooms


The Library has two study rooms available for public use on the second floor. Each study room accommodates 1-4 people and can be booked for a maximum reservation time of two hours. If at the end of the allotted time, further time is needed, an additional 2 hours may be requested and allotted, provided there is not an existing reservation for that room. Same day reservations can be made on a walk-in basis subject to availability.

Study rooms can also be reserved by calling the second floor Public Service desk at 508-539-1435 x3003, or through email: Please include Study Room Reservation in the subject line of your message.

A study room reservation will be held for up to 15 minutes past the requested start time. The rooms are not soundproof. Patrons are asked to monitor noise levels in the room. Please call the Public Service desk if there is a need to re-schedule or cancel.

Tutoring/ Study Room Reservation Policy

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