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About Mashpee – Community Description

With a population of 14,006, Mashpee occupies roughly 27 square miles in southeastern Massachusetts.  Mashpee incorporated in 1870 and is situated on the southwest end of Cape Cod. With a rich cultural heritage, Mashpee is home to the Wampanoag Nation, the Native American tribe which met the Pilgrims at Plymouth.  Known for its natural beauty and conservation lands, Mashpee contains over five miles of oceanfront beaches and four of the largest fresh water ponds on Cape Cod. In the New England tradition, Mashpee is governed through Town Meeting, aided by a Town Manager, elected boards, and volunteer committees.

A newly constructed Mashpee Public Library opened its doors in 2010.  The new, 22,000 square foot building, replaced the existing Library, built in 1987. Visit our History page for more information about the history of the Mashpee Library.


The Mashpee Public Library is a busy place and true community center. The environmentally friendly, LEED certified building is a welcoming spot for Library users to stop in and browse.

Mission Statement

The Mashpee Public Library promotes life-long learning, discovery, enrichment, and civic engagement through materials, technology, and experiences. By serving a diverse population, the Mashpee Public Library facilitates access to information, the love of learning, and the building of community.

Adopted by the Mashpee Public Library Board of Trustees – September 11, 2012.

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