Celebrate Pride Month


Join us for a film screening and book signing with author Dan Perdios!

About the FilmWild About Harry, directed by Gwen Wynne, is set in 1973 on Cape Cod.  Tate Donovan stars as Harry, an English widower who moves to Dennis with his teenage daughters. One night, as one daughter visits Provincetown with high school friends, she sees their dad dancing with another man, his business partner Mr. Gibbs (Adam Pascal). Soon, the daughters discover the two men are in a romantic relationship, and not everyone in the family takes the news well. This family dramedy is inspired by the director’s and her sister’s life growing up in Dennis with two gay Dads.

About the Book: A Golden Retriever and His Two Dads, by Dan Peridos. When a Golden Retriever plays matchmaker, anything is possible! A Golden Retriever named Willy introduces two guys who become his Dads. Together they take off to Cape Cod to make a film. The drama of the movie mirrors the story of their lives. Part travelogue, part romance, part Hollywood, this is a thoroughly entertaining dog adventure you won’t want to miss.

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