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What are Playaways?  They are pre-loaded audiobooks.  These small but powerful devices allow users to listen to audiobooks easily.  About the size of a deck of cards, Playaways come with one audiobook recording.  Listen to a book on the go, with no CD’s or apps needed.  All you need is headphones! Playaways come with a universal headphone jack that works with almost any type of headphones or mobility accessory.  

Using clearly marked buttons, it’s easy to move back and forth within or between chapters and alter the speed of a narrator’s voice. It even has an automatic bookmark feature that remembers where you left off.

Everyone can listen to audiobooks on a Playaway. They give library patrons the portability and freedom to take audiobooks everywhere. No connectivity or downloads needed — ever.  Playaways are always ready.

  • Audiobooks are pre-loaded onto each device.
  • Durable for circulation.
  • No internet or Wi-Fi needed.
  • Universal headphone jack.
  • One AAA battery offers 30+ hours of listening.

Take a look the Playaway titles available in CLAMS here and place your request today!

If you would like more information or instructions on Playways, please email us at, call 508-539-1435.  You can also stop by our second floor reference desk and our staff will show you how to operate our Playaways.

If you would like to learn more about using Libby to listen to audiobooks, check out our tutorial here:

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