Introducing Mashpee Library Book and Movie Matches!

“What should I read next?”  – “I want to pick out some books for my kids, but I have no idea where to start.” –  “What movies do you recommend?” 


We love answering these questions! Our library staff is trained in reader’s advisory, which is just a fancy way to say we like to make recommendations. If you would like advice on which books or movies to try next, you can always call us at 508-539-1435 or email


You can also try filling out one of our Match Request forms! We will match your preferences to our items and create a bag for you to come pick up. Try out some new titles and let us know how we do! Your next favorite book or movie might be on our shelf right now. We would love to find it for you!


Try this form to request books and movies for children and young adults.
Looking for a new book to enjoy? Fill out this form and we will help you find it.
Movie and TV lovers can use this form to request something new to watch!

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