Virtual Talk with Ted Reinstein – November 16 at 7 PM


Everyone could use some positivity.  Add a little to your life by joining us for a virtual talk with Ted Reinstein on November 16 at 7 PM.  A reporter for Boston’s WCVB-TV’s “Chronicle,” and expert on all things “New England,” Ted will share some of his favorite, uplifting, inspirational and true stories from his travels. 

Author of three books about New England, Ted Reinstein has always had his eye out—and his heart open—to the region’s true “underdogs:” people who have had to overcome harsh challenges and sometimes brutal setbacks, but who have survived, and even triumphed, in the face of adversity. And sometimes, the triumph is simply to have come out from darkness into light, and able to move forward, living a life of dignity and purpose. Meet underdogs like New Bedford’s Lynn Donahue, who seemed destined growing up to go the way of drugs and crime, but instead ended up adding the word, “Dr.” to her name. Meet Mabray “Doc” Kountze, who defied the odd against him to become the first Black sportswriter to receive a Red Sox press pass. And sometimes an underdog can be an entire city, like Gloucester, which has found a way to forge on from a heyday long gone, and a future that’s uncertain. It’s an hour-long visit around New England with some of the most inspiring, warm—even funny stories (Rich Benoit defied Tesla and built his own car!)—you’ve never heard. Complete with great photographs, and a Q&A with Ted.

Since 1995, Ted Reinstein has been a reporter for Boston’s WCVB-TV’s “Chronicle,” the nation’s longest-running locally-produced nightly-newsmagazine. He also provides reports and commentary on Sunday mornings for the station’s political roundtable show, “On The Record.”

Ted is a native of Winthrop, Massachusetts, and lives just west of Boston with his wife and two daughters.

This virtual event is free but registration is required.  To register, simply email  The Zoom link will be sent out the day before the event.  

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