Frequently Asked Questions During the Library Closure


The Library will be closed until further notice to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Library staff and Trustees will work with town officials and evaluate service options regularly with a goal of returning to full service as soon as safely possible. We thank you for your understanding, patience, and help as we all work through this together.

Is Library staff available if I have a question?

In response to Governor Baker’s order issued on March 23, 2020, library staff is not currently working in the building. We can be reached by email at and will respond as quickly as possible. The CLAMS central office is working on a plan to provide each library with remote access to one log-in to our system, Sierra in order to better serve your needs.  We hope to have that enhanced ability soon.

I have a PIN for my library card but I can’t remember it. Can I reset it?

Please visit and scroll down and look for a blue question mark and click on: Did you forget your PIN/password? Follow the prompts to reset your PIN.

I need access to the internet. Is the Library’s WiFi still on?

Yes. Our wireless network is available from the Library parking lot. The network name is “public” and the password is mashpeepublic

Will I accrue overdue fines on my checked out items while the Library is closed?

No. We do not want you to have to worry about overdue fines. All checked out materials have been renewed and there will be no overdue fines while we are closed. Please do not return your books, DVDs, or other materials to the Library until we reopen. When staff left the building, the external book drops were disabled since we could not be on site to empty them regularly.

What will happen to my holds?

Holds have been frozen and current items on our holdshelf will remain until we reopen. Our delivery system has been shut down so no new items will arrive during our closure.

What about ComCat?

ComCat is not able to accept requests until further notice. If you currently have a ComCat item checked out, you may return it in the bookdrop or hold it until we reopen. You will not accrue fines for ComCat items during the Library closure.

Why haven’t I received any recent email notices from CLAMS?

CLAMS has suspended all automatic notices including: courtesy, overdue, hold notices, and texts from the Shoutbomb app.

I don’t have a CLAMS card but would like to use some of your online resources. Is it possible to sign up for a card while you are closed?

Yes. To apply for a temporary library card online, follow this link:
You can convert this to a full library card when we reopen.



Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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